Your Health is More Important Than Your Hair

Growing up in the burbs as a black woman, I was taught simple things about my hair. For example, When you and your twin brother are invited to go swimming, you will be staying home keeping that perfectly pressed do in place, barf. So as my friends descended to the local pools and lakes, I sat at home.

Attending college, I decided that I did not want to be locked in an office, instead I needed to be moving. I majored in Exercise Science and upon graduation began a career as an exercise specialist, which meant working out multiple times per day, oye. Yes, I cared about my hair, it was not my life. I put in a weave and off I went.

The struggle with our hair is real, but not a reason to deny an active lifestyle. I not going to lie, if I get my hair done, you probably won't be seeing me hitting a workout for at least 24 hours, that's just craziness. Instead, I developed a system that works around my health and activities. If you see me on Saturday patting and scratching, you now know that I'm getting close to wash day. Times have changed; in 2022 we are free (socially acceptable) to wear our bonnets to the grocery store. In '96 as a black woman, there is literally NO WAY you would catch me outside my house with a bonnet on, now ladies feel free to wear their bonnets to the gym! Black woman are entering the gym with confidence bonnets secured and ultra cute gym gear. Let's get it ladies.

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